KASTL guild is non fungible & highly curated.


We are a guild of creative directors, Strategists, technologists artists, activists, academics, and entrepreneurs, drawn together by our desire to create positive impacts.

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See all Work


One of the main value of our guild is freedom. We don't work because we need to work. We work for our believes.


Guild members are driven by creating positive impact in the world. We don't work to promote non sense brands or products.


Our guild member are highly skilled individual that love to collaborate and learn with other passionates people.

KASTL guild members

We do not disclose the profile and info of the guild members for privacy reason. But you will meet them if we start discussing together.

Aleksandra Smilek & other guild members

Aleksandra is a Founding member of the guild
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We are welcoming new guild members

If this resonates to you, please feel free to apply and we will review your application with care and attention.
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