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Inspired by the ever-existing yet intangible relationship between science and art, the Existential Hope Gallery uses the power of Digital Art and Web3 to explore the crossroads between these two fields and foster a transdisciplinarity connection. At Existential Hope Gallery, nanotech and biotech, neurotech, AI & AGI, and space tech are nurturing the minds of our artists, the public, and collectors. It’s a place where we discuss new technologies and applications, envision their new potentials, and where we explore the power of decentralization used by art and science. 
Existential Hope
12 months


Our journey is still very young, we look up to our role models such as the MIT Creative Lab, and the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, who seems never to have chosen between art nor science and engineering, as well as many other hubs who are geniuses and visionaries forging together the futures. 


Gearing toward beneficial futures enabled by technology not only requires scientists and engineers but also artists to capture the essence of the future and spread it throughout the mind of society.


A metavers collection of artworks.

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